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    Kill Mode - Kampf um die Zukunft
    It is the year 2027, eight years after the first outbreak of The Sickness, a highly contagious, adaptive and lethal virus. The world is now run by a pharmaceutical corporation called The Company, which distributes a treatment for the virus but charges a high price for it, putting the majority of people in a state of poverty and dependence.



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    Weitere Details

    Genre: Kinofilme / Action / Science-Fiction
    Das Land: Vereinigte Staaten
    Regisseur: Thijs Meuwese
    Schauspieler: Julia Batelaan, Dave Mantel, Cyriel Guds, Ted Neeley, Yasmin Blake, Manouk van der Meulen, Rein van Duivenboden, Wesley Mutsaars, Burt Rutteman
    Auflösung: HD

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    Kill Mode - Kampf um die Zukunft
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